Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Today I am grateful for mending. I usually do most of my mending by hand but since I have the sewing machine out I’m taking care of some simple seam repairs and mending. It’s way easier.

Do you mend? I used to even darn socks. Hardly anyone knows what that even is anymore. I’d shove a lightbulb in a sock and weave away at the gap. Not too much fun, but very rewarding. These days holy socks become dust cloths. No more darning.

When we had three boys at home, our oldest son’s mom called from out of state and asked what he was doing. “I’m sitting at the kitchen table with the other two guys learning how to mend my sweatshirt pouch.” She was confused. “With what?” she asked. “Geeze, Mom, needle and thread, what else? We have to be able to do these things!” It was a step-mom’s proud moment! I have no clue if he remembers this, but I do!

I swear I can mend anything. It’s a challenge. I’ve never lived in a toss-it-with-a-tear world. In my world you fix it until there isn’t enough left to hold thread, duct tape or staples. I once fixed a kids flip-flop at school with strong rubber bands. The repair got her home. . .and she showed up for a week with the same flip flops, eventually seeing me for some more rubber bands. I could build a house with duct tape. Staples were invented for bra straps, weren’t they? Bring it on. . .and I’ll fix it.

But today I am just grateful I can do some good old fashioned mending, with thread!

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