Sunday, March 01, 2015
Today I am grateful for your comments. Believe me, I do not have the expectation that any of you will “like” or “comment” on my daily missives, but I sure do get a kick out it when you do. What’s really funny, to me, if no to one else, is the little codes some of you use and the research others do to enhance. . .or negate my topic.

I’ve gotten messages from people whenever I post too late. “Where ARE you?” “Are you okay?” “How come you didn’t post today?” Well that goes both ways, friends. When one of you who usually comments or likes something every few days and then disappears for a long stretch, I wonder where you are, whether you are okay, and how come you aren’t commenting. We have a very co-dependent, possibly toxic, extremely enjoyable (for me anyway), highly evolved, more healthy than not, private and personal relationship. . .in front of the rest of the social network world.

There have been a few people who expressed concern that they were responding to my gratitude posts too much and felt they might have hijacked my piece a few times. To that I say, “Balderdash!” It’s a more polite form of what I’d really say. Bring it on. My ego can take it and so can my writing. Besides, not even I am totally in love with every word I type so why should anyone else be. I’m just happier writing them than not, so I’m going to continue. So there.

I find it touching when I can touch and be touched in return. . .emotionally! Get your head out of the gutter. . . I know you were there because I had to pull mine out when I wrote that, too. Connecting is great, but it’s a little bit scary, too. What if I decide to stop doing this because I need the time to pull things together for a book that I want to send out to agents? Am I so omnipotent that you will be crushed? Ha-ha. As if. What if you get sick of me and I get sent to the vast wasteland of “unfriends”? What if I piss you off so much that you refuse to buy afore mentioned book whenever it’s published? Am I so fragile that I will be crushed? Ha-ha. No-Yes-No-Yes. Pick one!

So today I am grateful for your comments. . .or not. . .suit yourself. I can handle it. . .but be warned, I might “private message” you if you suddenly disappear from print. And I’ll miss you. . .
crayola - John drawing

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