Squirrel Cirque du Soleil

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Today I am grateful for Squirrel Cirque du Soleil. On my patio. Every morning.

I thought we had one tenacious squirrel who can balance on a pinhead trying to reach the bird feeder and shimmies up the stucco wall like a runaway spider. Not true. Four. Count them, four huge, bushy-tailed clowns all scrambling for the crumbs that one of them dumps to the ground. The contortion’s they go through on the shepherds crook trying to reach the suet is acrobatic. Today I saw one throwing a piece of something at the other guy. Throwing it, like a ball. . .beaning him right upside his head. Or was he trying to kill him? I’m not sure.

When their bellies are full they play like kittens, rolling over each other in the snow and running in circles. They bounce off the grill, the step, the walls and push each other into the holly bush, scattering snow and bird seed like confetti. It’s a party on the patio.

Cut me a break, wouldja? We don’t have indoor pets right now. This is the best I can do for I’m-all-done-with-winter fun. I know. I gotta get a life. But until I do I’m grateful for the Squirrel Cirque du Soleil on my patio!
squirrel with soccer ball


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