Warm Hat

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Today I am grateful for my warm hat. Dang, it’s cold! You know it’s cold when I haul out my herringbone, fuzzy forehead, cheek flaps, dangling fuzzy balls, mountain man hat. I wore this puppy to a hockey game my son was coaching and he said I looked like John Candy in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. Nice.

Here is my disclaimer. I did not purchase this gem. . .I got it from my mom, who thought it was “me”. I figured she hated me. . .until it got really cold and actually started wearing the beast. Now I feel like my mommy knows me better than I know myself! Not many people would have the, uh. . . the, er. . . guts to actually wear it in public.

The other day when I logged on to Facebook, one of my friends had posted an absolutely gorgeous picture of herself sitting in her car. I mean it’s gorgeous. Model gorgeous! Beautiful, luminous, glowing skin. Eyes you could fall into. Flowing hair. Voluptuous lips. Beautiful! She said she used a lens filter when taking it, which gave it an ethereal glow, but you can’t argue with what’s there to begin with. Stunning.

That same day, with the temps at 3 and the chill factor at about -14, I drove to the “Y” for my swim class and looked in the rear view mirror just before getting out of the car. Holy smokes! They should pass these John Candy hats out at Planned Parenthood. It’s the perfect birth control and it’s reusable!

There are not enough lens filters to make this look work for me, but I am still grateful for my warm hat. Hey, the lipstick helps, don’t you think? I’m stunning, too. . .like a Taser to the eyeballs! Ha-ha!
hat in car

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