Elsa in the Locker Room

Friday, February 20, 2015
Today I am grateful for Elsa in the locker room. The other day, when the chill factor was Siberian, we finally watch the movie “Frozen”. Okay, it was cute. Very cute. Even though I could choke the next person who sings the song, I have to admit it was cute.

So today I’m in the locker room after the water class and another woman and I are remarking at how quiet and peaceful it is because most people stayed home so they wouldn’t wind up like the jointed snowman in the movie. The words were barely out of our mouths when the screams started.

In she came. . .soggy tornado-twisty pig tails, wearing a hot-pink, with white polka dot, Minnie Mouse swimming suit, size 2T, if that. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! She wailed.

Mom, very patient walking with the spritly older (but not by much) sister is calmly saying, “Let’s breathe. Everybody just breathe.” Nice words, but you could barely hear her over the howling. Clearly this little girl was NOT happy and letting everyone know it in a way we’d all like to. . . but only a two or three-year-old can get away with.

She gets to her locker, mom opens it and she starts screaming, “That’s not my locker! I didn’t put my stuff theeeeerrrrrreeee!” And we’re off. . .

Mom: Of course you did honey.
Wailer: No I didn’t!!!!!! I PUT IT HERE! (flails herself to the ground)
Mom: I’m fairly certain no one would move your stuff, honey.
Wailer: They did! Someone ddddhhhhhiiiiiiiddddd!
Big sister: No they didn’t! (She’s bouncing around with joy while her sister is in meltdown – never are siblings in the same mood at the same time. That’s what makes parenting so. . .um. . .challenging!)
Wailer: They did! They moooovvvvveeeedddd it!
Mom: I know you’re tired but we have to get dressed before we can leave so please cooperate.
Wailer: Nnnooooohhh! Someone moved my STTTTUUUHHHHFFFFF. (She finally took the requested breath.)
Me: I think maybe it was Elsa. (sniff, sniff – I have her attention)
Wailer: It wasn’t Elsa, Elsa is a toy! (she shoots me the evil eye)
Me: She is? Are you sure?
Wailer: She is a toy! (thinking) Why would she move my stuff?
Big Sister: She’s a toy and so is Olaf!
Me: Olaf is a toy, too? Are you sure? (nods all around) I’m so disappointed.
Big Sister: Elsa is magic so maybe she would move your stuff!
Wailer: She would not! (without conviction)
Big Sister: I know what! We should look for clues. (The wailing and sniffles have stopped. The big sister opens the locker in question and sticks her head in.) I found a clue!!!!
Me: Really? What is it? (Now we both have the Wailers attention.)
Big Sister: It’s some melted blue stuff in the bottom of the locker. Elsa was here! (Thank you whoever walked in the ice melt and threw their boots in this locker today.)
Me: Well that proves it! Elsa was here!
Wailer: Elsa was here! Elsa was here! (She is now dancing around the locker room laughing and singing.)
Me (to mom): How quickly things turn.

Mom was still thanking me as I left, which is hilarious because we all know it wasn’t me, it was Elsa in the locker room. . .and we were all grateful. She reminded me why I started writing “heartprints” in the first place! BING! Heartprints!

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