On-Line Newspaper

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Today I am grateful for The Inquirer on-line newspaper. Okay, I’ve resisted on-line newspapers or any other device that requires a screen to read the news. I know it’s convenient and I know it’s the “new” way and I know I’m a dinosaur. I’m happy being Jurassic as well as geriatric.

Today the BIG story is six inches of fluffy white stuff and I’m not talking about marshmallow ice cream topping. So the publisher sent an email that the newspaper would be late because of inclement weather. I guess they haven’t bothered to even print a paper in Boston these days! I went to the link provided and read the news on line. Didn’t really work well for me. I just don’t like it. It feels foreign, like writing with my left hand or wearing stilettos.

I like to take my morning tea, breakfast and newspaper into the living room and sit in a comfortable chair, with the TV droning Good Morning America in the background. I told you I could multi-task and that’s only three things. I can do way more like fold laundry, write, check Facebook and send emails.

So why was it difficult to read the paper on-line? I don’t know. I’m not sure. I just didn’t like it. I don’t want to hit a corner, or scroll down to see the next page. I want to turn it and go back if I want. Each page had to be enlarged because it was printed for ants with bifocals. Annoying. I like the narrow width of columns, but when I clicked to see the whole article it scattered across the whole page. Double annoying. When I got to the coveted crossword puzzle, I tried clicking on it to see if I could actually fill it in on line. That would have been cool. Nope. Probably could have saved it, or printed it, but that was annoying, too.

I like being able to double fold, flip back and forth and grab a pencil that needs sharpening to do the crossword. . .before John gets ahold of it to correct my insane, on-purpose-to-keep-him-on-his-toes errors. I want to grab my scissors and cut and clip right out of the middle if something interests me that I want to save or share with a friend. But mostly I want to be able to hold the paper AND my cup of tea at the same time and not need the tea hand for the mouse. Wah-Wah-Wah! It would be wonderful if everyone in the world had only this horrible inconvenience to deal with.

So today, while I am grateful that I could read The Inquirer on-line because of the six inclement inches. . .the process has not recruited me. I’ll take the paper-paper any day of the week!

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