Good Manners

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Today I am grateful for good manners and the parents who teach them. Yesterday when I was leaving Nordstrom’s, from a distance I could see a black man outside walking towards the building with one small boy and one of about twelve.

It was cold outside with a nasty, gale-force wind that was literally blowing people in from the parking lot. The little guy got to the door first, yanked the door open and raced past me with his dad on his heels. We shared a knowing look as he tried to slow the kid down. I continued towards the exit door. The other son, saw me coming, jumped back and deliberately held the door for me. I said, “Why thank you, young man. That’s very nice of you.” The kid got a smile on his face like I had given him a hundred bucks. He looked at dad and dad was beaming, too. I looked at dad and we nodded at each other. In one quick look I know he’s been working on this kid, he knows I know and my nice words reinforced that it would be appreciated. Job well done, sir!

I am grateful when parents realize that good manners are taught at a very, very early age. And they last a lifetime. BING! Heartprint!


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