Follow-Up on YMCA Showers

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Today I am grateful to follow-up on the YMCA showers! I wrote a missive a few weeks ago about how much I love my home shower because the ones at the Y are grossly inadequate, yet I use them five days a week.

Ever since I’ve been playing around with vertigo, I seem to get the sweats, exhaustions, nausea and just plain crankies much quicker than I usually do. So here is me today when I got done with a great Water In Motion class. Take a ride inside my head as I’m about to leave the pool today. Better fasten your seatbelt. . .

Oh crap. Now I have to go take a shower. I hope there are some free. I don’t want to shower in the common area because with this stupid vertigo. I’ll tip over without the walls to lean my hand on. Okay, good, there are still quite a few people in the pool. The others left a while ago. The timing should be right. Good. I should be able to get a shower. Now if I can hoist my dizzy, aching, all-of-a-sudden-twice-as-heavy-without-the-forgiveness-of-the-water self outta this pool. Man I feel like a real load today. Don’t make any sudden turns. Whooopsie. Breathe! The last thing you need to do is tip over wearing only a swimming suit! . . . I go through the locker room door. . .

Okay, good. I think there is a shower empty. It doesn’t sound like all of them are running. Oh crap! It’s the end one. Geeze. Last time I used this one I practically had to stand on my head to get the trickle to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I looked like a golden retriever trying to get a drink out of a hose trickle. Should I wait for another one? No way. It’s freezing in here, I’ll just have to make the best of it. . . I put my toiletry junk down and turn on the shower. . .

Wait. What’s that? What’s going on in here? A full spray!? Are you kidding me? And it’s HOT? What happened here? I shout, yes really shout! “They put on new shower heads!!!!!” In my head I did a cartwheel. Or was that the vertigo? Now I ask, “Do you have new shower heads over there, too? I can’t believe they responded to my suggestion and did this. . .and so soon. Are yours new, too?” Nothing. Neither of the other women commented. Why would you comment to a crazy person whose entire day just got fantastic because of a little metal with pressurized water shooting out of it? Later I heard them talking Korean. Probably chatting about what’s wrong with that big crazy white lady who started yelling in the shower. It’ll be the big story on Action News at six!

I don’t care. I was ecstatic. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, which is why I’m so grateful the Y got new shower heads. See, set your bar low enough and you always have a good day! You better get outta my head, now. Save yourself!
shower-man on ladder

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