Saturday, February 07, 2015
Today I am grateful for vertigo. Not the movie. The reason I am grateful for it is because I rarely have it. . .except for the last few days. I could make Hitchcock proud.
Here is the problem with me and vertigo. I’m not crazy about roller coasters. Okay, I hate them. To be jerked around all over the place is not exhilarating, it’s frightening and makes my stomach queasy. As a kid I never, ever liked the merry-go-round for the same reasons. When my kids were little I couldn’t even watch them on the thing. I had to push them, then turn away or I would puke for sure. One of them could have flown off and I wouldn’t have known until they landed next to me.

I do not like riding in the back seat of cars. I had to do it when we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and got used to it, but I didn’t like it. I am a little more comfortable with it these days, but still might have to have the window open even if it’s 110 or minus two degrees outside. My parents wondered why I always got car sick and never, ever thought it was their deadly combination of Camel/Belair-Menthol cigarettes; the gallons of Avon’s “To A Wild Rose” perfume my mom “loved”; a vat of Aqua Net hairspray; and closed windows. . .“so my hair doesn’t get messed up!” Put me in the back seat of a car with a marginal exhaust system with all of the above and it’s a recipe for barf.

A couple of my closer friends and family will recall what a fabulous deep water sea person I am. A smelly fishing boat, deep swells, salt water, up. . .and down. . .up. . .and down. . .oh man. . .I can’t even type it without turning green. To say I “chummed” is a gross understatement. Aren’t you glad you tuned in today?

So now it’s vertigo. . .that deep-sea, back-seat, merry-go-round; roller-coaster feeling even when I’m sitting in a chair or in bed. Swell. Yes, I’m doing the exercises I read about on line. No, there is not much you can do for it, except ride it out or take Dramamine, except it’s not bad enough to be sleeping all day long. I will be very grateful to get off of the vertigo ride! I hope it’s soon! Wheeeee!

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