Lower Gas Prices

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Today I am grateful for lower gas prices.  I guess, like every other on-going expense that creeps up and up over time, I had not realized how horrible gas prices had become.  Until they came down.

Sometimes I would spend close to sixty bucks to fill my tank. On road trips that’s a real killer. The other day I paid less than thirty.  Wow!  That means I can use that “extra” money for something else, like a new snow brush, or a pedicure, or Chinese.  I like that because I want to be a responsible consumer and aid the economy any way I can.

I do wonder, though, why when I get gas at the “lowest” priced spot in town, then drive five miles in any direction, there is always a station where it’s cheaper?  What’s that all about?  Murphy’s law, I guess.

I know it isn’t going to last.  I know there is already talk about prices climbing back up.  Soon.  I’m still holding out hope they go under two bucks a gallon.  I don’t remember when I’ve seen that!  I was probably thirty!  But for now at least, I am grateful for lower gas prices.

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