Groundhog Day – Wintry Mix

groundhog-tired-of-winterMonday, February 2, 201

Today I struggled to find ONE thing I am grateful for, so I’m going to ping-pong around a little.  I hope you don’t get vertigo reading.

I am grateful for the picture that has passed through Facebook where a very guilty looking German Sheppard dog says, and I paraphrase, “The groundhog saw his shadow. . .so I ate him!”  Love that.  The stupid groundhog needs to die.  I know a lot of people queuing up to make that happen.

I am grateful I don’t live in Chicago or worse, Boston, although they at least have a Super Bowl win to melt their hearts, if not the massive amounts of snow.  Although both cities are well equipped to handle large amounts of snow, there is a limit as to where you can put it when the streets are narrow and concrete is everywhere.  Good luck with that.

I am so very grateful for the ridiculous term, “wintery mix”.  Otherwise how would I know what to call the morning’s sloppy mess?  Let me define it for you.  It rains.  It snows.  It gets on the cusp of freezing.  The temps rise just above freezing.  It snows on the rain on the snow on the sleet.  It repeats all night long.  Then it sleets and rains.  And freezes.  And snows.  Wait, no, that’s rain.  No, snow, but not pretty snow.  Hurtful snow, in more ways than one.  This lovely concoction leaves the driveways looking like an ice skating rink in Jakarta, Indonesia, without the palm trees.  The term “wintery mix” in the east replaces the term I grew up with in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, “cooler near the lake!”  Swell.

I’d love to chat more, but the temperatures are dropping drastically later today so I have to go scoop the slurpie out of my driveway.  Then I can go work off some “weather-related-hostility”. That’s MY new term and yes, broadcasters, I give my permission for you to plagiarize.  Maybe I should go back to bed to play this day over in true Groundhog Day fashion.  We might all be grateful if I did!

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