Four Strong Females

Four girls-bestSunday, February 01, 2015

Today I am grateful for four strong females.  This picture is of four of the most dynamite people I know. . .and they are all in my family. (L-R: Karen, Anja, Susan & Isabella in front.)  I only wish the other two daughters, Beth and Jennifer, from Wisconsin were there, but they will be at the wedding, so more pictures then.

Last night, at the bridal shower for Susan, I looked at these girls and got all caught up in how lucky I am to have them in my life.  I guess it’s a sign of age. . .or insanity. . .to once in a while stop amidst the chaos and really look at those you love, sappy as it sounds.  How can my salt and pepper granddaughters be this old and beautiful?  It seems like yesterday I was shopping with them while they hid behind clothing racks calling out, “Hey Salt, I’m over here!”  and “Right behind you, Pepper!” while strangers looked at us like we were all crazy.  We are.  It’s one of our best things.

How have I gotten so lucky with daughters-in-law?  These women are not only beautiful on the outside. . . they are strong, independent, kind, tender, considerate and beautiful women on the inside.  And they love my sons in spite of, or maybe because of their inherited quirky humor, weirdness and larger-than-life personalities. I simply can’t ask for more and I am very grateful for these four strong females!

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