Daytime Snow

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Friday, January 30, 2015

Today I am grateful for daytime snow.  Almost the only snow we’ve gotten this year has been overnight.  And the next storm on Super Bowl Sunday will do the same.  What’s up with that?  That’s just wrong.  Here’s my best case snow scenario.

  1. I don’t have to go anywhere and neither does anyone else I care about. We can all stay home.
  2. I have enough comfort food, even if that means eggs, asparagus, yogurt or a pot of soup simmering on the stove, to make me happy for the duration.
  3. I have a good book.
  4. The power doesn’t go out so we can watch movies.
  5. No appliance dies, particularly the furnace or water heater.
  6. The bird feeder is full and has plenty of customers.
  7. It has to snow during the day so I can watch!There is simply no point to snow unless you can see the beauty of it coming down, lazily covering the world in a soft blanket of white. I want to keep checking the grill and the cars, trying to guess how many inches have fallen. I want to go from kitchen to sunroom and just sit and stare at it, mesmerized. Snow at night is just a dirty trick on the car, the driveway and the morning rush. You have to deal with it but there is no pleasure in watching it get there. I am way more grateful for daytime snow. . .just not too much.
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2 Responses to Daytime Snow

  1. MARIE A. BISHOP says:

    Are we suppose to fill in “8” and “9”? … 8. The wine is cooled… 9. The cheese and crackers are at the “ready”. 10. The “Three Tenors” are singing…..

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