Dimmer Switches

dimmer switchFriday, January 16, 2015

Today I am grateful for dimmer switches.  Who would thing that a simple thing like dimming the lights could calm a person?  I know it’s true because I have dimmer switches and indirect lighting all over my house and guess what?  I’m calm.  Plus, with each year I age, if I turn the light down a notch, I look better and better.  Can’t argue with that. . .until I’m sitting in the dark like a Neanderthal in his cave.  I have a few years to go before that happens. . .I think.  I hope.

The dimmer in the kitchen blew out the other day when a bulb died and it controls four high-hat-spots which I almost never have up full-tilt but we needed a sunny day so John could put a new one it.  That was today.  For a while.  Now the sun is gone again, but who cares, because the dimmer is in!  Yea!

It’s funny how I take things for granted until they go away and then when they’re back I gain a whole new level of gratitude for them. . .like a silly dimmer switch!

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