Faceless Friends

Faceless friendsThursday, January 15, 2015

Today I am grateful for faceless friends.  Okay, it isn’t like they got their faces peeled off like in some horror film or by an awful plastic surgery gone amiss. . .I’m talking about the friends I have garnered on Facebook. . .who follow my missives. . .even though I’ve never met them.

I did not come quietly in the dark – light (not a typo) of social media, taking several stabs at it, hating it, then stopping for long periods, then repeating a few times.  Now I’m on again.  And I’m probably staying on.  I like having a reason to write.  I like having people read my writing, even if they can’t relate to some of the pieces and just plain hate the others.  It’s all good.  Occasionally I’ll hit on something they are glad they read and that makes it worth it to me.

I now know people I don’t even know.  I feel like I’m dating again, only this time I’m not trying to find that magical person, or looking for that spectacular ooshy feeling in my stomach. . .and elsewhere. . .  I’m acquiring new friends whose faces I’ve never seen outside of their on-line picture. . . and the doubly connecting with old ones, too, with faces I do remember, just like in the old girl scout song. . .”Make new friends, but keep the old. . .One is silver and the other gold.”  I’m rich!

Some of them are sassy and match my humor perfectly and even extrapolate chunks of ideas out of my original thoughts to morph into wonderful works of their own.  Dan!  I love that!  It’s connecting.  It’s weird and wonderful, two of my favorite things.

Others are people I might have met a few times in person, but now know much better through Facebook.  Lisa, Gail, Brent, Steph, Patrick, Terry, David, Brian, Mike, Cleora. . .

I never thought I missed learning what happened to some of my high school friends and then I hooked up with a bunch of them and I’m so glad I have.  We shared an important time in our lives and it’s gratifying to find out that they are not so much different than when we got into mischief at the Armory dances.  LeAnn, Gloria, Mary, Cindy, Penny, Evie, JoAnn. . .

A few were good friends when we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and it’s especially nice to reconnect with that chapter of my life.  Harti, Lizzie, Jackie, Win.

Throw in a few former co-workers who are now riding along on my train.  I get to keep up with their considerable antics (crazy people are the best) and see more pictures of their kids than I did when I worked with them.  Kelli, (Kelli’s mom,) Tawhana, Sean, Kristen, Michelle, Lorraine, Laura, Barb, Tori. . .

Even people I had already connected with outside of social media are becoming better friends because of the more regular communication.  I have a slew of Judy/Judith/Jude’s whom I know read me regularly, often questioning where I’ve been if I post late, like today!  Add to that list Alyson, Dan, Andy, Molly, Peggie, Lyn, Marie, Shane, Amy, Betty, David, Nilsa, Sue, Sandy, Tim and Ineke, who calls my gratitude writings, “Breakfast with Mary.”  I love that!  And them!  And if you find you weren’t mentioned, the oversight wasn’t intended. Just insert your name here_______________________ because you are important to me, too.

And there are a whole bunch of you I’ve acquired because you are friends of friends.  Someone thought of you when they read something of mine and shared it with you and you got drawn in, so now you’re my friends, too.  Like Norma, Nancy, Donna, Grace, Barb. . . I am grateful to share the ride with all of you. . .faceless or not!  I don’t know if we will ever meet in person. . .I sure hope so. . . but to me you are already Silver & Gold!!!!!!!  BING!  Heartprint!

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