Tea Parties

tea party - table with food tea party - white gloves and croc hat and angelTuesday, January 6, 2015

Today I am grateful for Tea Parties.  No, I haven’t followed Alice through the looking glass.  I hosted my own tea party and it was fantastic fun.

I remember one time as a kid we had company and my mom brought out her good crystal glasses.  Someone in the family said, “Oh no!  I don’t want to use your crystal.  I’m only family.”  My mom said, “If I’m not going to use my precious things for the people I love most, then why have them?  If they get broken, then at least they got broken because I used them.”  I love that and I agree.

So I hauled out all of the little gee-gaw china pieces and fussy, odd-lot silverware and teacups with real saucers that I rarely use, for the tea party.  The table cloth is from Indonesia and I’ve been using it regularly for many, many years.  It just can’t be killed no matter how many times it’s washed and dried and it doesn’t’ need ironing.  Works for me!

It was so much fun to design food combinations (horseradish mayo/rare roast beef/onions or cucumber/cream cheese) and make little fussy sandwiches, especially because I only had to make enough for six people and not the armies I usually cook for when we entertain.  Plus there was enough left to send some home with them.

Just before they came I was wishing I had told them to wear hats.  Just for fun. One must have read my mind and knows my humor because she wore her Gator Hat!  Fabulous!  The others?  White gloves!  Perfect!  They know me.  That’s the best and the main reason why I’m grateful for tea parties.  I’m going to have more!

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