Realize What’s Missing

Bird on feederTuesday, December 30, 2014

Today I am grateful for realizing what’s missing.  My life is full!  More than full and yet this morning from my perch in the living room on my computer I looked around and realized something was missing.

What is it?  The tree is still up, if somewhat the worse for wear with gold beads trying to escape in one long rewind.  The house is reasonably clean.  What’s missing?  I look outside at the gray gloom of the day and the brown dead leftover leaves still clinging to branches in the wind.  I am still clueless.  What is missing?  I’m stymied.

Then I realize we have not yet hung the bird feeder.  Birds!  Birds are missing!  Oh if I stand on the couch and crane my neck I can see a few at my neighbors feeder, but that’s like trying to watch the TV in the hotel room next to yours.  I want the show on my own TV, through my own patio doors.

I am grateful I realize what’s missing and tomorrow off we go to get bird seed and hang the bird feeder.  Livestock (squirrels) and aviary (birdies) won’t be far behind. And if I want to change channel. . . I’ll get a different kind of seed.  I’m not prejudiced and like birds of all colors, genders and cultures.

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