Christmas tree - 2014Thursday, December 25, 2014 – Merry Christmas

Today I am grateful for my imagination because I can picture you and your families. . .whatever configuration that my encompass. . . enjoying Christmas.

It is early, early morning.  I was the first one up and my son, who stayed over with his fiancé last night came downstairs soon after.  He is reading.  The only sound is my fingers on keyboard and the trickle fountain that goes on when I turn on Christmas lights.

It is very peaceful in the house which last night echoed with reverberated laughter and excitement. . .but no tears.  I think it was the first Christmas in a long time where no one was sent to time-out, not even my husband or me.  What a blast!  The floor is still strewn with strips of ribbon, elusive wrapping paper, torn open boxes and those little plastic pieces that fly everywhere when you cut a toy out of its hermetically sealed packaging.

There is still the aroma of last night’s feast of serious finger foods, mixed with the smell of this morning’s coffee.   I can smell the coffee at your house, too.  I imagine you have some sort of special breakfast either planned, ready to go in the oven, or already baking so that you can get food into everyone as soon as the melee subsides and kids start to crash in a sugar coma.  Or maybe you don’t have children or at least they are not around and you are sitting and thinking about them.  That’s cool, too.  Or maybe you are expecting a baby, or your kids are expecting and you are projecting to next year when every event will rotate around a new life and his or her schedule.  Maybe your festivities will start later and you’re sleeping in.  Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas for whatever reason, or you are of a different religion and this is just another morning.  It doesn’t matter because I’m imaging you anyway.

It gives me pleasure to be all wrapped up in nostalgia and picture the homes of people I care about this morning.  I am transported across many miles, even to friend’s homes in Indonesia, where it is now nighttime and people are sitting down to dinner.   I picture you all and wish you only good things for this day and every day.  And I am very, very grateful my imagination can take me there.

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