Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas Wrap presents under tree-2 CIMG4568Monday, December 22, 2014

Today I am grateful for Christmas wrapping paper.  If you’ve been paying attention you already know how much I hate shopping.  And I hate gift cards even more.  You can wrap a gift card but it isn’t much fun and I LOVE wrapping presents.  Just love it!

We have old elves going like an assembly line at my house during Christmas.  He’s not bad at it, but I can’t watch my husband try to wrap a present.  To me he might as well be wearing mittens because he looks so out of his element.  So I do most of the wrapping and he does the piling. . .and double checks each one for a tag. . .and shakes and sniffs anything with his name on it.  It’s a system.

I know as ecologically sound citizens we should all just lay things out open to save a tree.  But that would be so boring I just can’t do it!  I am grateful for the colorful Christmas wrapping paper, goofy bags, glittery wire, satiny ribbon and everything else about wrapping presents.  Oh. . .and I’m done!

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