Unusual Sculptures

Epic-scupt-guitar player Epic-scupt-metal dancing girl-purple swirl Epic-bubble sculpture Epic-crane & shadowTuesday, December 9, 2014

Today I am grateful for unusual sculptures.  Back at Epic Systems for a small taste of their amazing sculptures.

One of these looks like it was made with a dripping candle; the two people dancing might be my favorite; and who doesn’t like bubbles, especially when they are displayed so perfectly?

The thing about sculptures is that they are often beautiful in a store or gallery, so you buy one and bring it home and it loses something.  Lighting!  Three dimensional objects beg to be lit properly.  Try it with a flashlight on something you already own and you’ll see what I mean.  Epic got the lighting perfectly. . .even the positioning of windows highlights some areas naturally and beautifully.

I really hope that those of you living near Madison, Wisconsin will check this place out.

I’m grateful I did.

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