Epic-Wizard-brown (2)Monday, December 8, 2014

Today I am grateful for wizards. . .and I wish I was one.  I would be a great wizard.  Just think of all of the things I could change with a real magic wand and some serious power.  I might forget a few, but here’s where I’d start.

Wars?  Done!  No more fighting about anything.  Everyone lives and let’s live, accepting our differences even if we don’t always understand them.  No bodies head would be cut off for any reason by anyone.  Barbaric!  People would instantly stop strapping bombs to themselves in the hopes of killing as many people as possible. No more!  Because I waved my magic wand.

Abuse of children (and others).  Done!  Children would no longer live on streets, not knowing where their next meal was coming from, or who might harm them as they snuggle from the cold behind a dumpster. . .or in their own unsafe homes.  They would know trust.  They’d believe that people loved them and would take care of them, giving them the best gift of all, to just be children as long as possible.  And enjoy life.

Government corruption, including general stupidity, dishonesty and petty squabbling to help the rich get richer.  Done!  It saddens me to my core at how broken our current politicians and government are.  Even the seemingly good ones don’t stand a chance when up against the bullies of the block.  None of us do.  Unless we vote.  And when we do vote, why do we keep putting the same bad seeds in power?  I just don’t get it and when I have a real magic wand, I’m going to fix it.  Politicians won’t need fortunes to run for office.  They will be normal, smart people of all skill levels and embody the character and integrity and honesty we all deserve in those who control our once fabulous country.  And they’d be happy seeing to OUR needs, keeping their footprints off of our struggling backs while in the process.  My wand.  My choice!

Pain & illness.  Done!  Of course, it would be impossible to eliminate these things completely.  Even the best wizard with the most powerful magic wand can’t do this because then people would live forever and that defies the laws of nature.  But I would wave my wand and make pain manageable and illnesses short term. . .even if it would result in death. . .but death without suffering.

Cynicism and sarcasm.  Done!  I’d wave the wand over myself to take those annoying traits off of me for once and for all.  I want to believe, like Clara in the Nutcracker; or Pollyanna with her “glad” campaign; or Annie as she wins Warbucks over.  But I don’t. And then I  struggle to not just give up hope.  What can any of us really do?  What can I really do?  We can encourage peace, work towards saving children, vote out toxic politicians, pray for good health for those we love, but will it help?  Who knows?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  And when it doesn’t, we, okay I, turn cynical and sarcastic and that helps nothing.   So I’m waving the wand on them.  Gone.

Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful if my writing it all down could make these things improve and change?  I’d be so grateful if I was a wizard, with a very magic wand, and actually could.

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