Dungeons & Dragons @ Epic Systems, Madison, WI

Epic-dragon front Epic-dragon profile & John Epic-dragon back & John Epic-dragon-full Dragons booty - best Epic-entrance to dragons lairSunday, December 7, 2014

Today I’m back at Epic Systems in Madison, Wisconsin, being grateful for the area done in the Dungeons & Dragons theme.  If you’ve been following along, you know that my husband loves dragons; with the same passion a little girl loves Barbie.  His passion is healthier because he doesn’t hope or expect to look like them one day.

The Dungeons & Dragons area of Epic was fantastic.  The furniture, sculptures, walls, doorways all made you feel like you were actually in a dragon’s lair.  The size of the dragon behind the fortress door to the huge conference room took my breath away.  When he saw him in the far corner windows, my husband was ten!

The people who designed this place also had a sense of humor.  Look closely at the dragon’s booty. . .computer mother boards and other components.  Perfect!  I was a fool examining the stone walls to see if they were paint or wall paper.  Wallpaper.  Wow!  Who knew?  The only thing missing were goblets of mead!

Too bad I couldn’t get the huge dragon and John’s face clearly in the same picture, but I am grateful for what I did capture.  You’ll just have to imagine his joy.  And mine.

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