My Sister’s Cats

Selina's Christmas portrait Spike, Christmas closer (2)Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Today I am grateful for my sister’s cats, a black beauty named Selena and a sassy orange scamp named Spike.  I must have shot a hundred pictures to get these two fine Christmas portraits!

Both of them look so much like dandy-lions-gone-to-seed that I was afraid to get near them with my blow dryer for fear fur would fly leaving them bald.  Spike visited our dirty laundry bag several times a day and loved John.  He wouldn’t leave him alone.  Selena visited me in the bathroom but when I tried to pet her she shrunk away like my hand was made of flames.  Both are crazy.  And perfect.  Each is a character in their own right, just like all siblings.

We are on our way home and grateful that we could spend time with my sister, her family, my mom and those lunatic cats!

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