Assigned Tasks

Thanksgiving list of choresThursday, November 27, 2014 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am grateful for assigned tasks.  My sister and I had the brilliant idea yesterday to create tasks lists for everyone.

I highly recommend this.  Even the very littlest and the very oldest will find it fun feeling useful.  No one got hollered at because they couldn’t guess what needed to be done.  They just worked off of their own list.  We have each have one for today, too.

So even when the filling got in the horrible mincemeat pie before I realized I didn’t have all the ingredients in it, we laughed and I tried to fix it by doing surgery, cutting the soft crust off and carefully laying it aside like a skin graft, scooping out the guts, adding crap and then surgically reapplying the crust with a more “decorative” edge to hide the scars.  We have no idea how it will taste, but only mom likes it anyway so it will partially taste like cigarettes anyway.

The funniest line of the day was when my sisters was reading a recipe and said, “Hmmm, it says two eggs lightly beaten. . .I think I’ll just shake them a little.”  And she looked like a mariachi band member.  Love it.

Whatever goes wrong. . .or right with your day;  whoever you see. . . or cannot see, or wish you didn’t have to see, or miss terribly; whoever you’ve lost. . .or re-found; whether you spend the day with traditional family, extended family, or family of choice, remember it’s only one day.  Be where you ARE, not where you think you should be!

When the smoke alarm goes off, dinner is served.  BING!  Heartprint!

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