Sad mask gaping mouth different angle mask Huge nose & mouth - mosaic mask - red eyesWednesday, November 19, 2014

Today I am grateful for masks.  Not the kind that people use to cover their emotions, the kind that great artists and craftsmen/women make for festivals or to hang on walls.

My friend, Tim, started throwing pottery many years ago and holy smokes is he getting good, especially with the glazing process.  Soon he graduated from thrown pots and bowls to intricate sculptures, the suns I wrote about yesterday and now masks.  His masks are wonderful, creative, emotional expressions of any given mood.  He doesn’t force an idea, but just lets happen through his fingers, without having a clear expectation of what the finished product will be.  It’s the absolute best kind of creativity.  Every time I see a new piece it makes me long to work with clay again.  So many fun possibilities. . . so little time.

So today I am grateful for masks, specifically the ones created by my long-time, slightly-crotchety, wildly-funny, dear friend, Tim Kaker.  I can’t wait to see what one of his personalities will produce next.

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