Board Games

John and his kids, with games-funny Jen & John - board game- standing Jen, John, Beth - bored gameMonday, November 17, 2014

Today I am grateful for board games.  I like playing games, but mostly the kind that are very acting/performing oriented like Pictionary or Charades.  I like the noise, humor, nonsense and interaction.  Add a few. . .um. . .”beverages” and I’m all in.

I can spell reasonably well so I’m okay with Scrabble, but most games have to be mindless-stupid for me to enjoy them.  They cannot require a lot of brain power or deep strategies or they lose me before I even begin.  I’ve zoned out like I was in high school history class, just trying to focus on someone reading the directions for a fantasy adventure game.  Never even made it to the point of actually playing the thing.  I just cannot wrap my brain around them.  Believe me I’ve tried.

But my husband?  He can play board games for hours and hours, the more complicated the better.  But the poor guy doesn’t have many chances to play because I’m useless and the Pennsylvania kids were raised by me, so they’re not into them either.  But on this visit to Wisconsin, for the last two days, he has been in a board game frenzy with his kids and grandsons.  It’s like a geek convention at his daughter’s house where they all indulge their gaming habit every weekend.  They are all having a blast.  No quest is too complex.  No strategy too difficult.  No opponent is too valued to escape massacre with a scimitar or battleax. . .even if they are your children and you love them.   It’s all part of the game.  Yuk.

So today I am grateful for the dozens and dozens of board games that John plays with his kids and grandkids. . .the gaming monsters he’s created.  It’s a great way for a family to destroy each other over and over, with game after game, after game after game after game. . . and no one really gets hurt.  I love that they have something shared to bond over.   Me?  I pet the dog.

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