TropicsWednesday, November 12, 2014

Today I am grateful for the tropics.  I’m not a big fan of the extreme heat and humidity of summer, so I’m always glad when we move into cooler weather.

I hear about ice storms and arctic blasts heading into the area of the country where we will be driving in a few days and I’m wondering if we shouldn’t all just head for tropical locations. . .even if they are manmade and indoors.

When I look at my pictures in the tropical area of Longwood Gardens I feel like I’m back in Indonesia, but not Jakarta. . .Bali.  Look at the picture.  Then close your eyes and turn your head and know that when you open them again, that picture, or something close to it, will be everywhere.  I’ve seen hibiscus flowers as big as serving platters.  Hibiscus and bougainvillea don’t grow in patio pots, they are shrubs and bushes ten feet tall.  Seriously.  And orchids grow wild on the sides of buildings and trees.  Wild.  Like exotic dandelions.

But the prettiest part is the plush and lush, dripping-with-texture, deep, rich, million shades of shiny green that sets the background for the flowers.  So on this gloomy, foggy, gonna-get-fridgid day, I’m grateful my mind can take me back to the tropics. . .especially Bali.

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