238Sunday, November 9, 2014

Today I am grateful for reflections. . .and not just the ones you see in a mirror, although they can be pretty awesome unless you just woke up.  But there are more things to reflect on than what a mirror provides.  Reflections give us a chance to see things from different angles and in different lights.

These days I’m reflecting on everything. Notice I said reflecting and not ruminating.  Honest.  I won’t even share the horrible news I’ve heard locally these days because you don’t need to walk around thinking about them.  People are not being kind.  Not to each other.  Not even to their children.  It’s beyond sad.  But why?  Are movies too violent?  Is the news too gruesome?  Is the world in dire straits?  Does the media blast things out of proportion with 24 hour loops until we feel assaulted each time we tune in?  Is a struggle for a living wage causing people to go off the deep end?  Is it drugs, lack of family structure, a general loss of dignity and morals?  Yes to all of the above and probably more.

But what really causes someone to live on the dark side? When they sit and reflect what bounces back at them?  I don’t have answers, but I do think about it.  Yet even if they’ve been dealt a lousy hand themselves, that is an explanation, but not an excuse for some of the heinous things I’ve heard lately.

As I reflect back on my life from childhood to now, not everything was good. There was serious trauma, heartache and pain.  There was love and loss, joy and sadness.  I had courage and I was a coward. I’ve been a self-starter and a quitter.  I’ve made some excellent choices and I’ve screwed up. . .plenty.  Haven’t we all? It’s called living.

My past explains why I feel certain ways about certain things. . .but my present defines me as who I am now. . .who I want to be. I don’t want to live on the dark side.  So I don’t.  I refuse too.  I am grateful I can see the reflections of possibilities, whether internal, personal, or visual.  I like things turned a little upside down, tilting sideways a bit, showing me another way.  What about you?

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