Surprise Art

138Saturday, November 8, 2014

Today I am grateful for surprise art. I love opening a door, or turning a corner, or driving by someplace that gob-smacks me with beauty.

After the amazing play, The Last Ship, with music written by Sting, my sister and I couldn’t let the evening end so we went to an art deco lounge on the seventh floor of the Novotel right on Broadway. The place was funky, ultra-modern and lit with neon.  I’ll post some more pictures at a later date. You’ve already see the view of the streets of Broadway from the balcony.

But what a surprise we got when we went to the ladies room. A beautiful mural of a woman’s profile covered one whole wall and was done on hanging panel triangles that rippled when the door was open or someone walked past.  And it changed ever so slightly, depending on which angle you looked at.   I walked in and had the breath sucked out of me with.  Who isn’t grateful for surprise art. . .even if it’s in a bathroom?

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