New Washing Machine

new washer -me kissingMonday, November 3, 2014

Today I am grateful for my new washing machine. “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone?” goes the old song.  Boy does that apply here.

It wasn’t awful going to the Laundromat for the last month or so. In fact, at times, it was very entertaining.  The glow was starting to dim as gale winds blow in and temperatures start to drop.  But I do feel bonded to the folks there and even thought of them yesterday when my power was out for five hours.

“Can you imagine being at the Laundromat, with every stitch of clothing you own in the washers and the power goes out?” I said to John every hour of the outage.  You would have hope that it would come back soon so you’d just sit and wait.  Then you might decide to run a quick errand, expecting power to be back on when you got back.  Not.  After the third hour, I’d be a lunatic.  Okay, more of a lunatic.

“For five hours!” I said. “They sat in that Laundromat for FIVE HOURS!”  I was supposed to be there, too, on Sunday.  I had plans to take all of the piled up laundry after my sister left and get it all washed at once.  That coulda been me!

But it wasn’t me. I am very grateful for my new washer and the old friends who delivered her late Sunday after noon, right after the power came back on.  I didn’t know what I had ‘til it was gone. . .  She, along with six loads of laundry and I became one very quickly!  Kiss-kiss!

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