Accept Graciously

Friday, October 17, 2014

Today I am grateful for learning how to accept graciously. Back in the day I had an awful time accepting a compliment.  If someone said I looked nice, or I was a gave me an unexpected gift, or I handled something with good character, I’d shrug it off and make a self-deprecating joke.  Any of this ringing true for you, too?  I thought it might for some of you.  Not only is it “better to give than receive”. . .it’s easier!

Then one time, a very good friend got pissed at my reaction. Really pissed.  He said, “When you blow off my compliment it not only makes you look negative, it makes me look like an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about!  Knock it off!  Learn how to accept a compliment.  Just say ‘thank you’ and shut up!”  So, as scary as it was, I started to change.  Change is almost as difficult as accepting graciously!

It is second nature for me to throw little kindnesses out there. . .to help someone spontaneously, offer a word of encouragement, give a treat, lend a hand, or support someone who is struggling. It feels great in my soul.  I feel alive and in the exact right space. . .until someone shows a kindness to me.   If someone treats me to a show. . .or buys coffee/lunch/dinner. . .or gives me a great deal that saves me money on something I need. . .or sends me a note. . . or makes a nice comment on something I’ve written, I squirm like a worm in a tin can.

But not today. Today I remember the advice of my friend on how to accept graciously. Sooooo. . . to those who have generously tossed something wonderful in my direction. . .and there are a bunch of you. . .you know who you are. . .yes. . .you. . .I simply say, from the bottom of my happy, grateful heart, “Thank You!”

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