Verizon Wireless Store

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today I am grateful for the Verizon Wireless Store. . .well not the whole store, really. . .mostly Mike who helped us. . .all afternoon. If he had served cocktails and appetizers it would have been a party.  John told stories, I told stories, he told stories.  Whopee!

I have been eligible for a new phone for two years but never bothered to get one. I have issues with change.  Sometimes.  I have more issues with cell phones.  All the time. By the time I learn how to do one eighth of what the thing can do it is “time” for a new one.  Free.  For a dollar.

“Oh. . .and did you know that you need to pay a one-time (for this phone) upgrade fee of $30?” asked my new BFF, Mike.

“So then it’s not free is it? It’s a dollar plus thirty. . .so thirty-one dollars!”  I joked.  Sort of.

“Plus tax,” he said.

“Don’t get me started on the tax!” Plus a case so I can throw it safely when it pisses me off as it is sure to do. . .so really fifty one dollars.  Who says I suck at math?  Hah!

But the old phone wouldn’t hold a charge as long as I can, which is moderate, so it was time. I guess.  Why can’t I just have an old rotary phone with a receiver that makes a nice slamming sound when you hang it up angry and a forty-foot twisty cord?  Ah, those were the days.

But Mike was new to the job and great, but the poor thing had no idea what he was getting into when he greeted us at the door. He asked for my phone number. . . six times.  I kept giving it to him and it wouldn’t bring up the account.  I thought he was challenged.  Then he asked, “Is that your cell phone?”

“No, you didn’t say you wanted my cell phone number,” I answered, then said, “Oh yeah, this is the wireless store isn’t it?” Duh!  Mike isn’t the one who is challenged. It’s nothing smart and nothing fancy (apparently phones imitate their owners) but I still don’t know how to answer it.  I don’t even know if it rings.  I wish it cleaned bathrooms.

They were great at the Verizon Wireless Store, especially Mike, and I am grateful. . .I guess. . .all I have to do is. . .wait. . . hold on. . . It’s ringing. . . I think. . .sounds like my Zumba class. . . gotta go. . .at least it was free. . .Grrrr!

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