TV Binge Marathons

man-and-woman-watching-tvTuesday, October 14, 2014

Today I am grateful for TV Binge Marathons. Time to get a life.  A real life, not the one that flashes over the TV screen.

Oh, never mind, I have one and it’s a pretty good one at that. But the one I have doesn’t involve cooking crack cocaine or driving around with barrels of money, like they do on “Breaking Bad”.  We started watching it years ago at my sister’s house, then we got into other things and never went past episode five.   Until now.

I have recorded the entire “Breaking Bad” binge marathon and we’ve been watching it at our leisure, with only four episodes left to go. We alternate with a “Blue Bloods” marathon I recorded at the same time.  It’s like the yin and yang of TV series with the same initials!

“Bad” is very, very bad! Very bad. . .and good because it’s very bad.  The actors are spectacular.  The character development is so good it’s scary and so scary because it’s so good.  I love them all.   I hate them all.  What more can you ask of a show?  The violence is disturbing.  Beyond disturbing.  But usually “they” had it coming, except for some of them, who don’t and that’s awful, too but I still can’t stop watching.  Everyone is flawed.  It’s a show of villains.  The great characters have no character.

The camera work is off the charts. Sometimes I have to pause just to figure out where the camera is or how they could have possibly lit that scene.  I’m thinking about it all the time.  That’s why I can’t watch it at night.  I’ve had a life of crime. . . in my dreams. . .and barrels of money, too.  I need to sleep and those nights where I’m working on “Bad” are exhausting.  Well not the money, but the crime.  I’m just not cut out for crime.  Try me on the money.  Please.  I’m waiting. . .

On “Bloods” everyone is basically of good character. No matter what evil thing someone does, the Regan family takes care of the bad guys so the good guys shine.  And all in time for their weekly Sunday dinner at Dad and Grandpa’s house.  Ah. . .that’s more like it.  I can watch a “Blue Bloods” at night.  And I sleep just fine. . .with Commissioner Francis (Frank to me) Regan. . . played by Tom Selleck. . . one delicious looking man with dimples to dive into. . .and I’m grateful the TV binge marathon is finally giving me the opportunity.

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