Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin cupcakes on striped plateFriday, October 10, 2014

Today I am grateful for pumpkin cupcakes. The big orange gourds that grow on vines are great, but mostly I like the pumpkin flavor that is everywhere these days, consuming my brain and tempting my taste buds.

Yesterday at Costco they were giving away samples of almonds coated in pumpkin and other fall spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Poor John.  He hates pumpkin but I made him get an extra sample for me anyway.  Nasty things.  Beyond delicious.  I can never, ever,  buy the whole bag.  Ever!  It would not get home.  Oh hell, it would never get out of the car.  Okay, never in the car.  Geeze, gimme a break, alright, we all know it wouldn’t make it out of the store!  The sugar police would find me curled up on the diaper changing station in the Costco ladies room in a sugar coma, with the empty bag and receipt still in hand, waiting for the marker person to cross it off!  The samples  were good.  All four of them.  Did you already deduce that?

Pumpkin cappuccino’s are back at WaWa. Dunkin Donuts advertises some wonderful/nasty pumpkin spice, creamy caramel drizzled, cinnamon laced concoction that I refuse to even remember enough to get the name correct. Facebook is jamming up with pumpkin recipes and the Shop Rite has pumpkin iced cupcakes.  Well, they used to have them.  Now they are mine. . .screaming at me from the refrigerator, like demons from the grave.  Mouthy bastards!

They might have stayed in the store. Might have. But these cupcakes are drizzled with something-something and have almost as much icing as there is cake. Perfect math. There is a pumpkin candy mushed into the center, which I think is excessive.  I intimidated them with my drooling face leaning into the cooler.  I outstared them like a golden retriever outstares a meatloaf on a platter in the center of the table. Drooling.

I found strength. I shunned them.  Walked away.  They whistled.  I turned my back on them.  Hah!  Take that you evil pumpkin cupcakes!  I am stronger that a couple of damned cupcakes! “You know you want us. . .You know you want us. . .” they sing-song shouted when I was on the other side of the store, their words echoing off of thousands of healthy yogurt tubs.

Side-stepping my way, eyes darting back and forth like a shoplifter, I inched my way back. Security was probably glued to their cameras watching the crazy woman.  I looked over my shoulder, danced a step or two and swung my arms like a little kid sneaking up on a candy dish.  “You’re back!  We knew you’d come!” they shouted with glee.

Bending low, dangling my girls over the side of the case, I glared into their dead- pumpkin-candy-eyes. “Get in the cart and no one will get hurt!” They did. . .and I am grateful.

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