Being Busy

Peter Becker - CU-John & Mary signsWednesday, October 08, 2014

Today I am grateful for being busy! I think I must be having more fun than any other person in the world who has retired!  Seriously!  Anyone!  Anywhere!  Ever!  I can’t use enough exclamation points!

Today I’m giving another talk on Chine at Elm Terrace Gardens in Lansdale, PA and I’m so excited I’m vibrating like a kid on a plane anticipating Disney World! (Another one “!”  Expect more!)  What’s so cool about doing these talks is that each space is different.  Some are very large so I have to pull things in so that my stuff doesn’t drown in the vacuum of space.  Others are very small so I have to get creative about where I’m going to put things.  The space today is perfect!  The wonderful Activity Director even helped me by hanging the Chinese lanterns in the hallway to generate interest until I go back at 1:00.  They look fabulous!

It’s funny how projecting into the future can make it come true. . .sometimes. I projected years ago that when I retired I would write every day (I am); and create a painting whenever I felt like it (I do); and do public speaking as much as possible. (I will) Voila!  I’m there, kid, and I’m lovin’ it!

I wish I could drag every one of you (probably some kicking-and-screaming) to the talk today! But I can’t, so I’ll be thinking of you! I am just so grateful for being busy!  (Last one)

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