Bumble Bees

bee on yellow flower-horizontal bees on pink flower-best bees on white flower - small

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Today I am grateful for bumble bees. I used to be terrified of bumble bees and I’m still not nuts about them buzzing around my head, but thankfully I’m not allergic.  If they are sitting, outside, minding their own business, I’m okay with them.


In my complex, if you plant flowers in the front of your house, according to the rules, they are supposed to be no more than 18 inches high. Zinnias, for whatever reason, seem to do the best in this space so I went to the nursery and got the kind that are not supposed to get very tall.  None were supposed to get bigger than twelve inches.


My zinnias look like “Jack” is going to climb up them into the clouds. I can almost hear the giant yelling “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum” when I’m deadheading them.  They stretch across the ground a bit so John tried to unravel one and pull it to full height. It was about as tall as him.  So much for those little white tabs in the potted plant boxes.  They said twelve inches, not. . . .maybe six feet!


Never mind because the bumble bees seem to think we planted them just for their enjoyment. You can barely get past the foliage to get in the door and each time you do, you better pay attention to how many bumble bees are trying to suck them dry.  There are always a bunch of them.


I watched a bumble bee today for a long time. I know, but remember I’ve been under the weather for a little bit, so allow me my crazieness. . . this once. . . okay, again! I got very, very close and it never unlatched itself from its dinner.  Kinda like me when I’m eating crab legs.  You’d have to pry them out of my cold dead hands and I’d still fight back.  So would this bee.


So today I’m thinking of my friend Noreen, who frequently posts information on the importance of bees in our ecosystem and I am grateful for my new pets, the dozen or so bumble bees that gobble on my zinnias all day long.

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