Book Club

Book ClubFriday, September 26, 2014

Today I am grateful for my book club. I have always been a reader but reading books for my book club has taken it to a different level.  I am reading things I never would without them.


The Four Seasons Book Club was started a billion years ago in a neighborhood that I never lived in. I was included because a friend invited me and so was another member who is also not in the neighborhood. Four seasons?  Because we literally meet four times a year.  At the onset we all worked long hours so a monthly book club was just too much.  This seemed doable, yet sometimes, though several are retired now, we still struggle for dates when all can make it.  The list of books we’ve read is astronomical. So are our opinions on the books.  And everything else.


I remember a particular “fight” over The Great Gatsby with one awesome book club member who is no longer part of the group. . . but not for that reason. Life changes took her in another direction and I miss her every day.  I hated Gatsby.  She loved it.  The heated, yet respectful discussion was awesome.  Nothing like a good “discussion”.


We have one who is often still reading the book in the car seconds before book club starts; one (me) who reads the book as soon as we pick a title and then doesn’t remember anything about it by the time we discuss; one who reads it on the kindle; one who reads it but doesn’t always finish before book club; one who doesn’t say much; one who says a lot. And by now, if they are reading this, they are trying to figure out which one they are.  All of them. . .at any given moment.


We’ve been a good support system through marriage, job changes, loss of jobs, divorce, care of elderly parents, death of parents, growing children, colleges, marriages, grandbabies, you name it. We’ve been there discussing it all.  Oh, yeah, and books, too, and I am grateful.


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