????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Monday, September 22, 2014

Today I am grateful for decisions. “The good thing about making a decision is you can always make another decision.”  Words of wisdom from my husband and the absolute best advice I was ever given by anyone.  Ever.


You are not meant to be miserable. Did you get that?  Let me say it again so you really hear it.  You are not meant to be miserable!  If you are miserable, for whatever reason, then you need to start a pro and con list to help you make a decision.  Deciding to stay miserable (in your job, relationship, lifestyle, location, etc.) might be one of your decisions.  That’s acceptable.  But when you do the lists, then you will know you are staying in that space by thought and choice, not by luck of the draw.  It will make your misery easier to bear.  You will not be a victim.  You will be staying because it is the right decision. . .for now.


You get the control back. That’s important.  It’s empowering.  But remember no decision is absolute.  While not necessarily being instantly reversible, because sometimes there is no going back to exactly where you’ve been, you can always make another decision, in a different direction.  That makes it your choice.  Anyone who has lived past the age of six knows that backsliding will happen anyway, but forward movement and new decisions will combat its effects.  For me, the most difficult decisions in my life have also been the most rewarding. . .not always immediately. . .but eventually.  And looking back it didn’t take as long as it felt like at the time.  I’m old now and getting wiser every minute.  Just ask me.


So today I am grateful for decisions. And I am making one right now.  I’m going to stop waxing profound, go to the “Y” and dance in the Zumba class (whee), then come home and work on my painting.  Easy peasy!  Wouldn’t it be nice if all of decisions were that simple?

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