Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom DancingThursday, September 18, 2014

Today I am grateful for Ballroom Dancing. I don’t know if I’ve been grateful for this in the past, but if so, I don’t care because I’m very, very grateful and I can’t say it enough.  I LOVE ballroom dancing.  Okay, I love ALL dancing.  I have never, no never seen a person dancing and not loved it and I don’t care if it was an awful wedding outtake or a National Geographic special in a jungle of Borneo!  I love it anyway.  Dancing is just the best!


But ballroom dancing? Oh my.  I could watch it forever.  The grace, the fluidity of movement, the interpretation of beautiful music with intricate steps and arm movements just sends my heart soaring.  Give me a little Fred Astaire any day.  Throw in Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers or Leslie Caron and I’m lost.  I think it’s the couple thing.  And the staying on their feet thing. . .usually.  With a lot of other dancing they seem to spend a lot of time rolling on the floor and sometimes that irritates me.  Jump, leap, spin on the floor and then get your ass up and move on your feet!  It’s what dancing is.  With ballroom it’s so great to see a couple move together without one of them counting out loud or whispering, “Step, step, step-ball-change” with a toothy smile so no one notices.


The new season of “Dancing with the Stars” has begun. “Stars” might be a bit of an exaggeration, because I’ve never heard of most of them.  Sorry “stars”.  But I don’t care about that, either. The pros will whip them into some sort of shape and they will be great or awful and I’ll watch.  I am grateful and will love every minute even if they suck!


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