Red Suit

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today I am grateful for red suits. Who in the world ever knew they made them?  For men.  Grown men.  Big men.  And why?


If I could travel everywhere in the world and never take a main highway I would. You don’t see anything on highway’s but trees and the occasional river.  You would never see this gentleman wearing a completely red suit. . .red pants. . .red jacket. . .red shirt (white collar). . .red tie. . .and red shoes. . .walking down a main highway.  The closest you’d come is people in orange jumpsuits while they work off misdemeanors and other offences by picking up trash.


I love this guy. I love that he must have the largest. . .er. . .amount of courage of any human being on this planet to wear this suit.  I wonder if his underwear was red, too?  My guess is it was.  He looks like a walking, juicy, ripe tomato in that red suit and I am grateful I saw him!Phil-2-red suit

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