Shared Experiences

Phil - 2 - Pat & John - GREAT Phil - 2 - Mary & Karen - Great Phil-2-four selfie-john and mary brightTuesday, September 9, 2014

Today I am grateful for shared experiences.  Because we do not really need anything tangible, for the last few years our youngest son and his wife have given us an “event” for Christmas.  The year before last we went with them and their family to see the Radio City Music Christmas Show.  We loved the show, but the best was spending an actual chunk of time with them.


Since this year was full of sadness, pain and emotion with the illness and death of my daughter-in-laws dad and our friend, Wally, I totally forgot that we were “due” our event.  Then I got a text from Karen asking if we’d seen “The Book of Mormon”?  Nope.


They know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a girl, who knows a mom who works in the box office and could get last minute tickets.  Or something like that. We decided on a Monday and were in the theater on Friday.  Great timing.


We were given instructions to meet them at Smokin’ Betty’s, a great up-beat, yuppyish, New-York-style place a few blocks from the theater.  Aside from the inferno temperatures and the Jakarta humidity, the night was perfect.


It’s hard to describe the musical, “The Book of Mormon” at the Forest Theater, in Philadelphia and be fair.  It was written by the same guys who wrote “South Park”.  That gives you some kind of idea the way the humor runs, but not much.  It was raw and edgy and hit on things that make you squirm in your seat, even though it’s done so brilliantly that you simply cannot stop laughing.  It feels wrong.  You feel wrong laughing.  You don’t care.  You laugh anyway.


I carry a little red guy with horns on my left shoulder and a little white guy with a halo on my right shoulder.  They can get pretty noisy from time to time.  The white guy kept saying, “Are you kidding me? That’s disgusting!  It’s just wrong what they are saying they will do. . .to a child!  Why are you laughing?”  Then the red guy would respond with, “Shut up you prudish bitch!  It may be wrong, but it’s soooo wrong that it is absurd and there is nothing funnier than the absurd.  Besides, that guy has on yellow cowboy boots! You gotta laugh at yellow cowboy boots!”  The Red and the White squabbled through the entire show, but I tuned them both out and had a blast!  From the first number which had our son rolling on the floor, we were blissfully lost.  How can you NOT laugh when your kid is in hysterics?  It’s just contagious.  The whole theater was vibrating in fits of laughter right up to the leap-to-the-feet standing ovation.


Dinner was great.  The play was great.  The ice cold water I nearly dumped on my head was great.  But the best is the TIME that two busy young people, Pat & Karen, gave us.  We can’t thank them enough. There is no greater gift than a shared experience.  I am very grateful for each and every one of them.  Especially this one.


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