Interesting Angles

Phil-2-city hall angles Phil-2-brd strt church Phil-2-building Phil-2-Tipped building-Temple Phil-2-peaky roof line with mural on endMonday, September 08, 2014

Today I am grateful for interesting angles.  If you’ve been following along and paying attention, you’ll remember that I’ve been driving around with my camera on my wrist, resting on the car door and snapping at whim.  What fun.  I recommend this.


Well guess what?  We went to Philly again.  And I took the camera again.  And I snapped at whim again.  When I get the pictures downloaded I usually do an auto correct to see what it does to them.  Sometimes I like the change, most times I don’t.  Often it focuses on what I don’t want to focus and corrects what might need correcting, like Spanks!  But I don’t want it corrected because I cherish it being different.


I find unusual, off the track, slightly different, non-conformist, a bit odd people way more interesting than those who follow the straight and narrow in sensible shoes.  Oh wait.  The sensible shoes are mine!  But that’s the only thing not odd about me.  Otherwise I qualify.  I don’t want my weird twists, quirks and questionable focus “fixed” in me, any more than I want it fixed in my pictures.


Clipped, straight and focused might please some, but I am more grateful for interesting angles.  And I threw my Spanks away!

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