Philadelphia Navy Yard – Ships

Phila - bows of two ships - two orange cones Phila - single ship - navy yard Philad - navy yard - aircraft carrier Phila - Navy Yard - ships, river, orange coneSunday, September 7, 2014

Today I am grateful for the Philadelphia Navy Yard ships! When we did one of our day trips to Philly this summer and opted for a picnic and just bumming around instead of a museum, we wound up at the Navy Yard.  Wow!


Did you ever drive across a bridge a billion times, seeing what was below, without ever taking the time to go down and check it out?  Us, too.  That’s why we went off the main trail and what an experience it was.  The Navy Yard does not function as it once did, but there are still huge ships being reworked, with the aircraft carrier being the most impressive.  My husband was like a ten year old boy in a toy store, but even I was in awe.


So today I am grateful for the Philadelphia Navy Yard, an amazing experience right in our own back yard.  What gem is in yours that you should explore?

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