School Begins. . .I’m Retired!

school busTuesday, September 02, 2014

Today I am grateful that school begins. . .and I’m retired!  Happy Snoopy Dance here!  Since I retired last December, this is my first time experiencing the first day of school, when I won’t officially be there as a secretary.  Yea!


Oh that sounds so. . .so. . .I don’t know, smug, annoying, probably a little nasty.  Sorry.  Sort of.  I worked hard at the school.  FYI-EVERYONE works hard at a school.  EVERYONE.  Don’t even think that one has it “easier” than another because they don’t.  They have different issues, and some days go smoothly, some don’t, but everyone works hard.  I’ve worked in corporate America, with long hours and big projects and it was a piece-o-cake compared to working in the school.  Unless you’ve worked in a school you really have no idea!  Sorry, but you don’t.  Standing behind a chair cranking hair with fussy, complaining, hard to please customers, was good training, but even that was a breeze by comparison.


My old school now has a fantastic new principal and I am very, very happy for all of them.  She will be great. She will give the faculty and most especially the students a wonderful opportunity to thrive.  She is such a good principal that I’m a little sorry I’m retired.  Hah!  Got you!  Not even.  Love her. . .but I’m still glad I’m retired.


Then I think of this first day and the children with their shinning faces, all dressed up in new clothes, with new backpacks, new pencils that still have points and erasers, paper tablets that haven’t been crumpled. . . with their hair combed and I remember how cool first days are.  Terrified smiles try to hide their fear, especially for the little ones, who are eager with anticipation to meet their teachers, yet very unsure of this whole school thing.  We’d line up outside and greet the buses, waving and welcoming. Ah, those were fun days.  Fun FIRST days.  I might take a moment today to miss that.


Okay, that was enough.  I’m over it.  Because although I’m grateful for school beginning. . .by tomorrow it will be the second day. . .and then it really begins. . . and I am grateful that I’m retired!

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