Philadelphia Murals

Phila - Mural - boy holding up tree Phila - bld mural - man with periscope Phila - City mural Phila - Mural-street scene-cop car-LS Phila - Tuscany mural-CUMonday, September 1, 2014

Today I am grateful for the murals of Philadelphia.  The other day when I was driving all over Philadelphia, I saw wonderful “pictures” on every corner.  My eye is drawn to the unusual. . .have you met my husband and friends?  But, hey, if I can’t text and drive, no way can I take pictures and drive.  Right?


Then I got the idea to just hook my little digital camera on my wrist and lean it on the car door with my window open and my finger on the shutter.  I know it sounds complicated and distracting while driving, but it really wasn’t.  With digital who cares if I click that shutter a million times?  I’ll just delete them and it won’t cost a dime.  But if I’m clicking a lot, I’m bound to come up with some gems, especially with a little judicious cropping.  I took 88 pictures that day. . .not all from the moving car, but a lot of them were.  Only five were useless blurs.  BINGO!


The murals in Philadelphia are amazing and everywhere.  They are not just in the historic and downtown district. Although there are tours of the amazing Mural Arts Project, that doesn’t mean the art stops there.  Almost every neighborhood with a large windowless side of a building has a mural on it and boy am I grateful.  Some are better than others but all of them reflect the history, neighborhoods and cultures of Philadelphia.

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