Black & White & Gray

Phila - Bridge over Schuylkill River - LS - B&WSaturday, August 30, 2014

Today I am grateful for Black & White & Gray.  The extremes of black & white are never ending.  There are black & white rooms, furniture, clothing, education, taste, visions and opinions.


Sometimes when I take pictures I play around with them and give them different tones.  Sepia.  Pink.  Gray.  Orange.  It’s fun.  My sister posted black & white photos yesterday on Facebook, which got me thinking about how many shades of gray there are in a simple black & white photo.  This photo of the bridge over the Schuylkill River was plain and boring until I changed it to black & white, then it went POW!


As much as I like the starkness of black & white, for me, the varying shades of gray are where the story is.  Just like in life.  Extremes on either end. . . too much, too little. . .of just about anything are difficult and can be deadly.  Too much, too little food; too much, too little government;  too much, too little information; too much, too little technology; too much, too little education; too much, too little money; too much, too little opinion; too much, too little common sense.


The world seems out of balance these days with too much black & too much white.  We seem to be living in an all or nothing type of society.  But where is the gray?  I feel strongly about many issues, but I also also try to switch it up, turn myself around and hear another opinion even if it angers me.  When I notice another gray area and balance the pros and cons, maybe I’ll adjust my original opinion, maybe not, but I have to at least look at it.


I love black & white.  It’s healthy and exciting to swing to extremes and I am grateful for that option.    But for me. . .most of the time?  I prefer to spend my days floating in the soft, comforting tones of gray.

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