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Today I am grateful for the lottery.  Take a deep breath. . .no we didn’t win and if we had I certainly wouldn’t be posting it for the world to see.  We are, however, planning on winning next week, so if I go silent, watch out!  Hah, like silence is even a possibility.  Better chance of winning the “big one” than of me going silent and that is a true fact!


There’s an old story and I don’t know who first told it, probably some comedian.  I will paraphrase. . . Avey says, “Dear Lord, every day I watch the lottery on TV and I never win.  Why are you punishing me?”  The Lord replies, “Avey, you got to buy a ticket!”  So we do.  Not we. . .HE.  He buys a ticket or three, or I don’t even know how many.  He’s sure we’re going to win.  I’m sure we’re going to win.  So are ten million other suckers. . .er. . .folks.  We’ve won a buck or two, nothing more.  “It’s because we’re not going to win all of those little ones, we’re being saved for the BIG one,” I tell him, trying to encourage him.  I don’t want to burst his dream.  He has such hope.


We play the “what-if” game all the time.  “What if we had 40 million bucks?”  He does the math to figure out how much would be cash in hand and then we dream.  The question is “What would you do with. . .?”  You can play, too, but you have to follow the rules.  Your first response cannot be, “I will start college funds, buy my mom a house, get my son out of debt, blah, blah, boring!”  Of course you’d do that.  We’d ALL do that.  This game is what would YOU do. . .for YOU?  Your dream come true!


We’ve travelled all over the world with this game.  We’ve bought an RV and spent a whole year touring the USA and Canada, with our sports car hitched on the back and our motorcycles strapped to the roof.  With this game we’ve found the perfect lake, with perfect fishing, and a perfect vacation house, and we’d get the perfect pontoon boat to hook up to the perfect dock.  Then we’d take our grandkids to New Zealand and ride on the Orient Express.  It’s exciting to think of having enough money to do anything you want, whenever you want, without concern over how much to rob from Peter to pay Paul.  It’s cathartic.  It’s invigorating.  It’s pie-in-the-sky-no-crap-awesome!  It’s the kind of thinking that the lottery folks count on.


Well. . . we won the lottery today.  What?  Didn’t she just say they didn’t?  I lied.  After some recent blood test results had us worried sick for the last few weeks, my husband got a great medical report.  Terrific news!  The best!  We are every word in the Thesaurus for happy.  So today, we did not win cash, but we sure did win the lottery!   And I am very grateful!

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