Taney Dragons

Taney Dragon logoFriday, August 22, 2014

Today I am grateful for Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons Little League Team.  What a feel good story to take our minds off of the insanity in the news these days.  They are the “Secretariat” of today’s times.  And I needed a true feel-good story.


Did they walk away with the Little League World Series championship?  No, sadly, no.  But the circling of support for these young people and their amazing coaches is more refreshing than the ice water challenge being done for ALS right now.


Hats-off to the coaches who not only have to teach baseball, but respect, losing gracefully, winning gracefully and handling disappointment, all while in not only the local and statewide public eye, but in the world’s eyes through media.


I’ve seen members of the Phillies throw bats, yell at umps, swing at opposing players, kick dirt on each other (mostly Charlie), spit at each other and use foul language, but I have never seen them cry.  These days they might be crying everyday with the way they’re playing, but I never see them.  To see members of the Taney team cry, jerks me back to the reality that these are kids. . .little boys and girls, just heading into the years of puberty and mass confusion.  I cried, too, when I was that age and I didn’t play baseball!  Oh who am I kidding?  I cry more now and I still don’t play baseball.


Maybe the Taney team didn’t win the championship, but they sure didn’t lose, either.  Not on the big field.  I am grateful to see them as role models for the youth of today.  Congratulations one and all.  Philly is proud of you!  America is proud of you.  I am proud of you.  Now relax.  Enjoy the rest of the series and just be goofy kids.

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One Response to Taney Dragons

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    You put the feelings of many of us in the right perspective – they are kids – they have caring adults -they had the free world looking at how being down is NOT a crime – being proud of what you so is RIGHT…THANK YOU!!!!

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