Breakfast sandwichThursday, August 21, 2014

Today I am grateful for my Go-To-Breakfast.  By the picture you might think I have lost all hope of eating healthy and gone over to the dark side with morning pizza.  Not a bad idea. . .but no.


My neighbor works in New Jersey.  I don’t know who her employer is but they are brilliant and more companies should take their lead.  New Jersey is crowded.  Many people live in apartments or row houses with very small yards.  They have tilled over a section of their property for a company-wide garden.  Everybody helps maintain it, everybody harvests and everybody takes home. . .whatever they want.  Brilliant.  Why do corporations need acres and acres of lawns, when they can help their employees save a buck by actually using some of it for food?  THIS idea should go viral!


My neighbor brings home yellow tomatoes the size of softballs.  The first time she offered one to me I was hesitant.  Tomatoes are supposed to be red unless they are those tiny yellow cherry tomatoes.  I took one.  Then I ate it on top of my sandwich round topped with lite cream cheese, a little salt, fresh pepper and dried oregano.  Oh my.  It’s a real Jersey tomato with way less acidity.  Delicious.


When I saw her at the mailboxes one day I went on like I had been given a precious gem.  I had. . .big, fat, yellow tomato.  It worked.  She brought me more and I am grateful to use them up on my healthy, Go-To-Breakfast!


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