????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Friday, August 15, 2014

Today I am grateful for China.  When we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for three years, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to other locations in Asia.  Beijing, China was one of the most challenging and spectacular.

I was there with a friend after we had facilitated team building training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and were headed towards a meeting in Seoul, South Korea.   Why not pop a few days in Beijing into the mix?  Two days, that was it. . .18 years ago!


Now I’ve been asked to do a talk on China on Monday, August 18th, as part of a travel series at Peter Becker Community in Harleysville, PA..   China?  I have tons of stuff on Indonesia, but you want China?  Oh boy.  What have I got, I wondered?  Then I started poking around my personal archives. . .aka, my house.  I have too much stuff.  Thank God.


I found slides.  Yes, slides.  Those old fashioned things you put into a contraption and they show on the wall.  Jurassic power point.  As I started pulling, sorting and assembling them into some kind of order, I realized I have more stuff on China than I thought I had.  I owe my friend who suggested I have slides made of all of my best pictures while still in Jakarta, where it was cheap.  Great idea.  Then I found pictures I had blown up, which I am posting on boards, tea pots, a table cloth, John’s cloisonné dragon and tons of other stuff.  Now I’m excited.  I love doing this sort of thing and haven’t done it in years and years.  I hope it’s like riding a bike!


So today I’m grateful for China.  It was a life-changing experience visiting this amazing country and I’m excited to share.

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